AYA-Art 2019 Artist’s Submissions

Please review all of the information and guidelines carefully and use this form for submissions. Anything submitted otherwise cannot be considered. 

If you have not already done so, please review the website (www.ayaconference.com) to get a feel about the conference and the artists and contributors currently collaborating with us.

In our efforts to provide the most meaningful and cohesive program, talks, artistic offerings, and a content rich website, please reflect on how your work might resonate with the following themes and memes.

Themes & Memes:
Ayahuasca, Plants, Plant Wisdom, Plant Spirits, Visionary Plants, Medicinal Plants, Shamanism, Spirit, Science, Medicine, Traditions, Indigenous Use, Therapy, Religion, Art, Creativity, Culture, Ecology, Interdependence, Unity, Ethics, Legalities, Cognitive Liberty, Research, Safety, Hope for our Future, Entheogenic Evolution, Nature, Empowerment, Discernment

1. If your work is selected for inclusion at AYA-Art 2019, you will receive further information on how to submit additional information for the website. Timely submissions of the additional information will be required. The deadline for art submissions is March 15, 2019

Confirmed artists are eligible for a 50% discount on their conference ticket. After you’ve submitted your abstract proposal, you will receive a coupon code – please proceed to www.ayaconference.com/tickets to purchase your ticket. We encourage you to do this immediately to benefit from early bird pricing. If your abstract is not accepted, you can request a refund or pay the balance for a non-speaker ticket.


Thank you!