Pre-conference events – such as film screenings, art exhibits, and workshops – will take place at various venues within Girona beginning on Monday, May 27.

Main conference schedule (additional details will be posted closer to the dates):
Friday, May 31: 9am to 8pm
Saturday, June 1: 9am to 8pm
Sunday, June 2: 9am to 8pm

On-site registration times and other events to be confirmed.

Pre-conference events – such as film screenings, art exhibits, and workshops – will take place at various venues within Girona. These will be announced as available.

The main conference will be held at the Girona Conference Centre. The facility is connected to the city, located a 10-minute walk from the historic quarter and the train station (high-speed line). It boasts an unbeatable location in the city that makes it easy for attendees to reach the centre. The building is situated in Devesa Park, the city’s green lung and a protected area with over 2,000 hundred-year-old trees.

How to get to Girona
Girona is located 65 km (40 miles) South of the French border and 100 km (62 miles) north of from Barcelona. The Tourism Girona website has excellent information on how to travel by air, train, bus, or car.


There are also many options for accommodation in Girona, from pensions, to small hotels, apartments and bed and breakfasts. Visit the Tourism Girona website to explore your options.

Partner hotels
The following hotels are offering special pricing for AYA2019 guests, use the code AYACONFERENCE when booking:

Hotel Carlemany Girona

Hotel Ciutat de Girona

About us
The International Centre for Ethnobotanical Education, Research and Service (ICEERS) is the official host and organizer of the World Ayahuasca Conference.

ICEERS is an international non-profit organization dedicated to transforming society’s relationship with psychoactive plants. We do this by engaging with some of the fundamental issues resulting from the globalization of ayahuasca, iboga, and other ethnobotanicals. Founded in 2009, ICEERS has NGO consultative status with the United Nations’ ECOSOC has charitable status in the Netherlands, and Spain and through partner organizations in the US and UK.

The first World Ayahuasca Conference was held in 2014 in Ibiza, Spain, and the second in 2016 in Rio Branco, Brazil.



AYA2019 will host a number of meeting spaces within which to celebrate the richness of cultures and practices around ayahuasca, including art, film screenings, book presentations, and innovative research. However, it is not part of ICEERS’ mission, the objectives of this conference, to promote or encourage the use of ayahuasca during the conference under any circumstance.

Please be aware that any events claiming association with the conference are not endorsed nor supported by ICEERS.

Furthermore, ICEERS will not accept any legal responsibility resulting the use or import of ayahuasca to Spain by people attending the conference.

We recommend that people inform themselves of the legal status of ayahuasca in Spain prior to traveling. Ayahuasca, although not specifically prohibited, is also not explicitly permitted. This is because DMT, which ayahuasca naturally contains, is a controlled substance in both national and international legislations. As a result of this legal ambiguity, in recent years there have been numerous arrests and court cases in Spain related to the import and consumption of ayahuasca. Most of these cases have resulted in acquittals or have been filed. However, despite these outcomes, it is important to take into consideration the economic and personal costs involved in becoming entangled in legal proceedings.

For more information on the legality of ayahuasca in Spain, we recommend visiting the Ayahuasca Defense Fund website: http://ayahuascadefense.com/index.php/estatus-legal-nacional/?lang=en/#espa%C3%B1a

In case of any legal incident, please contact the ICEERS legal department at: law@iceers.org.