Digital Installations

AYA2019 will feature a digital art gallery including virtual reality exhibits, interactive visual installations, object mapping, and immersive experiences. Curated by Catalan artist collective Telenoika.

The spiral of transmutation

Homem Gaiola

The installation made from programmatic LEDs has the structure of a three-dimensional mandala. In order to create the drawing of the mandala, research has been carried out on different ancestral traditions such as candomblé, shamanism. It also has references to mathematicians and philosophers of history such as Pythagoras, Hermes and Kepler. The mandala in various spiritual traditions becomes a tool to focus the attention of practitioners, an instrument of spiritual guidance to establish a sacred space for meditation and induction into trance.

Somos Naturaleza

TkLab – Grupo de investigación de Telenoika

Somos Naturaleza is a proposal that develops the concept of wisdom and spirit of plants. It is a visual journey that aims to highlight the importance of nature, through characters and symbols that mix the human element with the vegetable, highlighting the important relationship of respect and interdependence that exists between them. The public is immersed in a perceptive experience, in which the surfaces of faces created from 3D printing gain life.

Sounds of lights

Naziha Mestaoui & Huni Kui Tribe
Belgium & Perú

The work Sounds of Lights is an artistic collaboration between the artists of the Huni Kuin tribe of Amazon (Mahku) with the digital artist Naziha Mestaoui, intended to connect both the technology and the ancestral knowledge to show the invisible and create a sensitive experience. The installation unfolds the diversity of vibrations that build our reality: sound, light, matter, energy, feelings.


TkLab – Grupo de investigación de Telenoika

The installation is a tribute to the uncontacted tribes of the Amazon rainforest. Many people have to move because of the progress of their habitat. They move away from the limits of nothingness, of the destruction of nature. Other people contacted have suffered great catastrophes and multiple deaths due to unknown diseases transmitted by outsiders. The installation wants to represent the observing eyes of the native peoples from the limits of the non-domesticated forest. “Until the last tree of the Amazon is cut, the invisible peoples will not disappear from the planet.” The viewer, when visiting the installation, is part of it, and interacts with it, through motion and noise sensors, which prevent the inhabitants of the jungle from the dangers of foreign presences, putting the whole ecosystem on guard.

The Eternal Song of Olivia Arévalo

José Carlos Flórez Garcia

The Eternal Song of Olivia Arévalo is an audiovisual and immersive project born with the idea of echoing the voice of the indigenous wise Olivia Arévalo, onaya, healing of medicinal plants and diffuser of the Íkaros or “Sacred Songs” of the Amazonian community Shipibo-Konibo. She died in 2018.
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Error 43

Rhesus is the name of the primate species Sam (Macaca mulatta), which was sent to space in 1960 and has been used in multiple laboratory pots, because of its similarity with humans. This situation has made it today in the list of animals in danger of extinction. Rhesus explores the relationship between men and cyberspace with a ‘display’ of different technologies, VR, leap motion and projection, which interact with each other and users, organically transforming the space where it is located. As an antithesis to the situation of the Macaca Mulatta, Rhesus wants to explore the different ways of creating symbiotic space between technology and humans.
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Ayahuasca – Kosmik Journey

Jan Kounen

A visionary experience through the realms of the medicinal plants, led by indigenous Shipibo traditional healer in the amazon rainforest.This mind blowing experience is a voyage through one of the most mysterious spiritual practices on the planet: Ayahuasca, the vine of the soul, and how to find your inner space. Experience the magic and healing power of ayahuasca.
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Lynette Wallworth

Awavena is made after the invitation of the Yawanawa, and made in intimate collaboration with them, the during a time of both peril and potential for their people, their forest, and the connected ecosystems that drive the planet. The aim of the film not to provoke empathy for the Yawanawa but is rather a gift from them, to those who will virtually visit their forest and receive this transmission — a gift that they hope will shift our consciousness, changing the way we perceive the world and the decisions we make.
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