Call for Book Presentations

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 2019 World Ayahuasca Conference. We’re creating a space at the conference for authors and researchers to present their books.

Proposals will be reviewed as they are received and following the submission deadline, the ICEERS Organizing Committee will select from the submitted proposals from authors and editors who would like to present their work. This committee is made up of José Carlos Bouso, Ph.D., Benjamin De Loenen, Constanza Sánchez, Ph.D., Jerónimo Mazarrasa, Òscar Parés, Marc Aixalá, and Andrea Langlois.

Presentations will be grouped into sessions according to the themes and languages. The publications may be written in different languages but the presentations must be in Catalan, Spanish, or English.

Confirmed speakers and presenters are eligible for a 50% discount on their conference ticket. After you’ve submitted your abstract proposal, you will receive a coupon code – please proceed to www.ayaconference.com/tickets to purchase your ticket. We encourage you to do this immediately to benefit from early bird pricing. If your abstract is not accepted, you can request a refund or pay the €120 balance for a non-speaker ticket.

Selection criteria:
– Publication content is related to ayahuasca.
– The publication was published in the last three years.

Deadline to apply March 15, 2019