PsychēForum | Workshops (English)

PsychēForum will be a two-day event featuring several workshops with expert trainers. The days will be grounded in a common focus, which is to offer to offer a broad and enriching perspective, as well as tools and resources, about how to support others in the integration of psychedelic experiences, with an emphasis on ayahuasca. The first day will be held in Spanish and the second in English, with unique content on each of the two days.

Mental wellbeing in the use of ayahuasca and dieting in the Peruvian Amazon


Workshop content
This workshop will provide a overview of mestizo shamanism in the Peruvian Amazon from an anthropological perspective, with a focus on the types of psychological and emotional integration that shamans, mental health workers, and clientele speak about in relation to their processes with the plants.

The term “integration” has become a widely-used term in the psychedelic and plant medicine community, but what exactly does it mean to people who engage with “integration therapy” or other techniques of processing? Participants in this workshop will be invited to explore what integration means to themselves and to those who conduct and participate in plant dietas and ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru’s Amazon.

Olivia Marcus received her Master’s in Public Health with a focus on sociomedical sciences and health behavior change. After years of focusing on sexual health and HIV prevention, particularly with respect to the uses of traditional, complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine, she began her PhD in Medical anthropology. She has been conducting fieldwork in the Peruvian Amazon since 2015, investigating therapeutic pluralism in urban and semi-urban spaces, with a focus on the movement of people who seek mental health care through ayahuasca shamanism and plant diets.


Nature of the headless cobra: emergence, relationship & integrity

What practical tools are essentials to shaping a path of whole person integration? This interactive module will explore creative processes that serve health, wholeness and transformation, from traditional ecological knowledge to agency for self-healing and collective imagination, how do we orient towards essential nature, where outward and inward experiences resonate with each other in full expression. 

Jeff Leifer is a community designer, social entrepreneur and founder of Circadian, a cross-sector experience lab focused on regenerative systems and whole person integration.  For the past two decades, Jeff has worked extensively throughout the Amazon rainforest, shaping alliances with indigenous communities and advocacy groups to establish a sanctuary for land-based wisdom and practices. Jeff created an executive practicum to develop next-generation leadership, incorporating social technologies that include story-based strategy, projective dream work, ecosystem mapping, somatic learning, plant ally social “dietas” and sacred Council practice. Jeff co-founded the Psychedelic Research, Education and Policy grants committee at the Threshold Foundation and currently serves on the Ketamine Research Foundation board which focuses on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Jeff holds an MBA from Yale University and a bachelorʼs from University of California, San Diego and has served on boards of directors for numerous organizations, including Amazon Watch.


The therapeutic relationship with ayahuasca: How to identify core psychological issues

The personal relationship with the plant spirit of ayahuasca offers us different dimensions and healing opportunities. This workshop will focus on how to maximize the therapeutic benefit of self-acceptance and compassion, basic trust and attachment issues, trauma, and the capacity for objective witnessing or meta-awareness. The format will include short writing dynamics, sharing and clarifying intentions.

Rachel Harris, PhD, is a psychologist with clinical and research experience. She was in the 1968 Residential Program at Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA. Rachel has received the New Investigator’s Award from the National Institutes of Health and has published more than forty scientific studies in peer-reviewed journals. She has worked in the private practice of psychotherapy for thirty-five years. Rachel is the author of “Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope for Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Anxiety”. Her website is www.listeningtoayahuasca.com

Psychotherapeutic approaches to the integration of psychedelic experiences


The integration of psychedelic experiences has become a matter of interest in the community of seekers, therapists, facilitators and people in contact with psychedelics and master plants. However, the praxis of integration is still developing and there is no consensus about what integration really is.

In this workshop we will explore different dimensions of the integration of psychedelic experiences, emphasizing the different profiles and demands, and the implications this has for the practice of integration from a therapeutic perspective.


Marc B. Aixalà is a psychologist, psychotherapist and certified Holotropic Breathing facilitator, specialized in helping people who face difficult experiences in expanded states of consciousness. During the last 5 years he has supported hundreds of people through the Integration and Support Servicesof ICEERS, works in the psychedelic crisis care service KosmiCare since 2010 and teaches in conferences and workshops.



Duration/ Schedule
09:00 – 20:00, Break for lunch: 14.00-15-30

May 30

Hall 1 – Congress Centre

1 day: €90
2 days: €175
*Note that the first day of the forum will be in Spanish and the second in English (with different content each day)Please specify which day you’ll be attending in the comments section of your order.