PsychēForum | Workshops (Spanish)

PsycheForum Aya2019 will be a two-day event featuring several workshops with expert trainers. The days will be grounded in a common focus, which is to offer to offer a broad and enriching perspective, as well as tools and resources, about how to support others in the integration of psychedelic experiences, with an emphasis on ayahuasca. The first day will be held in Spanish and the second in English, with unique content on each of the two days.



Ayahuasca ceremonies: Fusing knowledge with lived experience


Some people have very strong experiences with psychoactive plants. Often, the messages that they bring us are not entirely clear, which can lead people to believe that there might be something more to understand or to know.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the variety of insights that people experience, depending on the time or stage of life, or where they are at in the therapeutic process. We will also describe and explore integration techniques that can be useful when working with people who are having these experiences.

Some of the questions we will explore are:

  • What is integration and what is its function when working with psychoactive plants?
  • Is integration indispensable, and if so, why? What are the typical risks that someone from the West might face in their integration process? What are the factors that lead to successful integration?
  • What information, training and skills should a person who provides integration services have?
  • How can integration be used to approach psychological, spiritual, physical and energetic aspects? What criteria can be used to distinguish between helpful and unhelpful interpretations? How can clients be supported in interpreting their visions or dreams?

Claudio Kutzwor is Argentinean who has lived in Spain since 2001. He began his initiatory process in Argentina with Wachuma (San Pedro) and purgative plants in a therapeutic and shamanic context in 1994. In 1996 he was initiated in ayahuasca and did dietas in Amazonian Traditional Medicine. He worked with several healers for the following 15 years and, to this day, continues studying in the Amazon. Founder of the Association for Human Development Somos Todos Hermanosis, he has supported people with dietas at his center of Spain and conducted seminars, workshops, and retreats in Europe and America. He is also a Member of CISEI (Interamerican Council on Indigenous Spirituality) and a founding member of the Plantaforma for the defense of ayahuasca.

Esteban Kutzwor is a humanistic psychotherapist, who specializes in working with increased states of consciousness. He is also a kinesiologist, psychotherapist, and healer. He has been a student of the plants for 25 years and is a chemical technician with three years training in pharmacy and biochemistry, business administrator, gestalt psychotherapist. and transactional analyst. Esteban is a holistic physiologist trained in non-violent communication, TRE, and the enneagram and communications. He is trained in psychotherapy-assisted MDMA treatment for PTSD cases by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Esteban also has 15 years of experience in coordinating retreats groups and dietas in 9 countries. He is the founder of Association Somos Todos Hermanosis.

Integrating of visionary experiences with Amazonian master plants


This practical and participative workshop will explore how to integrate experiences with psychedelic substances, particularly Amazonian master plants, through techniques that allow to express one’s own creativity. Participants will be invited to draw their own experiences, share, and comment on the illustrations.

Participants will learn the skills needed to lead group integration processes of visionary experiences and will gain an understanding of how these processes work and why they are so important in achieving therapeutic results and avoiding possible complications post-session. 

Manuel Villaescusa is a psychologist and musician specialized in psychotherapy with master plants. He has a master’s degree in Integrative Psychotherapy and has been trained in various ayahuasca traditions, learning from healers and vegetalists in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. He has been leading groups and workshops throughout Europe for over 15 years, integrating approaches from occidental psychology with traditional Amazonian medicine. As a musician, he has released 5 albums: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/manuelvillaescusa


From the labyrinth to a new path: Integration following consciousness expanding experiences

Expanded states of consciousness are a source of healing and inner guidance. However, after these experiences that often generate new perspectives and awareness, we return to our regular lives, where the familiar labyrinth draws us back in. And, often, after a few days evidence the deep healing has occurred begins to fade.

In this workshop, we will review preparation and post-experience integration, providing insights and tools for maximizing benefit from an experience of consciousness expansion, such as unblocking wound healing, freeing ourselves from egoistic conditioning. We will explore the development of an action plan based on the nine areas of Existential Coaching that can provide for a more effective transformation process.

As a pioneer in coaching and creator of Existential Coaching, Nona Martin accompanies people through paradigm shifts and develops the skills necessary to achieve their desired goal. She is trained in Gestalt, systemic and integrative therapy, and is a Master-Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming and Epistemologist, trained by Allan Santos, Robert Dilts and Steve Gilligan. Nona has also been a student and collaborator with Claudio Naranjo for over than 15 years, accompanying processes of personal growth so that the person can explore and become aware of his existential trajectory.  For over 15 years, Nona has accompanied experiences of consciousness expansion, specializing in applying Gestalt therapy and Existential Coaching. As a consultant, pioneer for almost 20 years in the methodology of Experiential Training, Nona specializes in high impact actions in organizational environments from the experiential-humanist approach, as well as in applications of Neurolinguistic Programming to the business world, which enables the development and change of people within organizations. As a trainer, she teaches coaching, communication, leadership and systemic and integrative psychotherapy to support attitude change and skill development. Currently, Nona is an organizational consultant and manages the Existential Coaching School. 



Psychotherapeutic approaches to the integration of psychedelic experiences


The integration of psychedelic experiences has become a matter of interest in the community of seekers, therapists, facilitators and people in contact with psychedelics and master plants. However, the praxis of integration is still developing and there is no consensus about what integration really is.

In this workshop we will explore different dimensions of the integration of psychedelic experiences, emphasizing the different profiles and demands, and the implications this has for the practice of integration from a therapeutic perspective.

Marc B. Aixalà is a psychologist, psychotherapist and certified Holotropic Breathing facilitator, specialized in helping people who face difficult experiences in expanded states of consciousness. During the last 5 years he has supported hundreds of people through the Integration and Support Services of ICEERS, works in the psychedelic crisis care service KosmiCare since 2010 and teaches in conferences and workshops.




09:00 – 20:00, Lunch 14.00-15.30

May 29

Hall 10 – Congress Centre

1 day: €90
2 days: €175
*Note that the first day is in Spanish and the second in English. Each day will have different workshops. Please specify which day you’ll be attending in the comments section of your order.