Workshop | The Role of Archaic Instruments in Ayahuasca

Throughout the history of humankind the simplest musical instruments such as maracas, drums, gongs and of course the voice, have been used for rituals and ceremonies. Sound, as a vehicle to link the world of mystery and the unknown, is used on countless occasions, with naturalness, efficiency and functionality. Yet, are we aware of what moves when we feel an instrument in the context of rituals assisted with brews such as ayahuasca? How can we use archaic instruments to benefit to the maximum from their properties?

During this practical workshop, we will experience the depth and uniqueness of the Tibetan bowl, gong, didgeridoo, monochord, diphonic chants, mouth harp, harmonic flute, drums, etc., in order to understand how to use them in ayahuasca ceremonies.

Aimed at all kinds of people, musicians or not, who are interested in knowing, experiencing or deepening the power of music and how to use it.

Practical and theoretical workshop. We will delve into the use of music in the states of transition based on the theory of basic perinatal matrices described by S. Groff and sound archetypes (Jung).

Participant requirements
Please bring your own instruments, if you have them. There will also be some available for group playing (optional).

9:30 – 13:30
15:00 – 16:00

Espai Gestalt

Joel Olivé, music therapist

Spanish, English translation available