Workshop | Ayahuasca: A Vision from Traditional Amazonian Medicine

This workshop will provide theoretical and practical knowledge about the spiritual worlds and how to work within it. Presenters will draw on their experiences to create a space for discussing this topic, which is rarely spoken about within the context of Western ayahuasca use. We will explore the following question: How can we be both curious and conscious about the possible implications of spirit work? Through this workshop, which will pair presentations with opportunities for questions and discussions, we will explore the connections between traditional shamanic visions and the new western shamanism.

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Dr. Jacques Mabit
Medical doctor, founder (1992) and Executive President of the Takiwasi Center, Peru. He arrived to Peru in 1980-83 as mission chief of Doctors Without Borders to direct the Lampa Hospital. Through his contact with traditional medicines (also missions in Asia and Africa) he deepened his study and practice for years in the Amazon. He co-founded the Inter-American Council on Indigenous Spirituality (CISEI).

Student of Peruvian Amazonian Andean Shamanism and promoter of its practice and legality throughout Europe. President of the Platform for the defense of ayahuasca (Plantaforma). Defender of biodiversity and ambassador of traditional Amazonian medicine. Co-founder of the Association for Human Development “Somos todos Hermanosis” (We are all Brothers). Director and researcher of the “Center for Psychological Shamanism

Roberto E. Zapata Arias
Poet and scholar in the development and application of Predictive Intelligence, creator of the concepts and foundations of Life Therapy and Psychological Shamanism. He studied at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Sociology and Public Relations. Director of the Pre-American Research Institute. Director of the Ñocanchis newspaper. Formed the Center for Psychological Curanderismo.

Eduard Casas i Bertet
Diploma in social education by the URLL. He has been working in the social field since 1990 and specifically in the field of addictions since 1996. Co-founded the association “Grup Associat pels serveis de Salut” in 1998, where prevention and municipal support for drug users is carried out.

Jordi Trainé i Cama
Doctor of traditional Amazonian medicine formed by teachers of the Shipiba ethnicity and with a degree as a doctor of this specialty recognized by the Peruvian government. In his formation process has been living for years in the Peruvian Amazon, and has diet for more than 3 years plants and trees of the Amazon and forests of Europe.



10:00 – 13:00
15:00 – 19:00

May 30

Hall 11  – Congress Centre