Workshop | Cultivating Meditation Practice in Entheogenic Plant Work

The workshop will focus on the connection and relationship between meditative practice and entheogenic work, as well as on the potential of mental development through meditative practice, in order to enhance and enrich entheogenic experiences. We will look at the use of silent sitting meditations in Concentracão works held by the Santo Daime church, a contemporary ayahuasca religion, and other forms of formal practice during ceremonies. The challenging practice of concentracão is aimed at developing firmeza, the mental quality of stability and balance amidst the stormy waves of experience. The concept is closely related to the Buddhist concept of Equanimity (Upekkha), which puts the emphasis on our ability to stay open and connected to whatever arises without losing our equilibrium. The workshop will explore these twin concepts, offering participants the opportunity to reflect upon and refine her or his own practice.

This workshop seeks to address several key mental traits and their importance for safe and fruitful entheogenic voyages: concentration, balance, and equanimity. We will discuss and explore the concept of firmeza and its reflections in Buddhist practice and other contemplative paths. We will explore, both theoretically and experientially, the unique challenges of developing a meditation practice within entheogenic states, and will practice together in creative ways to cultivate understanding about the perils and promises of such a practice.

We’ll begin by exploring theory,  first will be a theoretical part, including a talk, screening of videos and discussion. The second will be an experiential part in which we will use movement, vocal work, and exercises of mindfulness and loving kindness to gain a direct insight into the nature of these mental states.

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Dr. Galia Tanay, a Buddhist meditation teacher, and Santo Daime church member. She has spent years in deep practice and study of Buddhist meditation and texts, spending months in silent retreats in Nepal. After her long practice, Galia has pursued her Ph.D. in clinical psychology and her academic work is focused mainly on mindfulness and its applications. Galia is teaching short and long Buddhist meditation retreats in Israel and Europe.

Dr. Ido Hartogsohn, a psychedelic scholar and activist. He has published extensively on the topic of psychedelics in both popular and academic venues. His work focuses on the importance of set, setting and intention in guiding psychedelic experiences.

10:00 – 14:30
with a short break between 12 – 12:30

May 30


Sala 10 – Congress Centre