Workshop | Home Pharmacy and Sacred Plants

This workshop will provide a valuable environment for participants to learn about medicinal plants and the cultures working to preserve traditional knowledge. It will provide information on how to recognize and use medicinal and sacred plants, how to use essential oils for therapeutic purposes, providing information about their active components and tips on how to work with plants to make your own preparations (teas, tinctures, creams, etc).

Participants will be provided with an immersive experience in learning how to build a home pharmacy. The journey will begin with a theoretical introduction followed by practical tips and will incorporate the stimulation of sensory experiences with essential oils and aromatherapy, prayers and songs.

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Vera Froes Fernandes is a historian from the Federal University of Acre, Brazil, and a specialist in ethnobotany. She also has a degree in management and innovation in Brazilian phytomedicine. Vera is vice-president of the Institute of Cultural and Environmental Studies and has directed numerous official programs to revitalize traditional knowledge and Brazilian biodiversity. She lived for a decade with various Amazonian indigenous groups, researching the magical, ritual and medicinal use of plants. She is the author of the following books: Santo Daime – Amazon Culture (Prize for Historical Suffering) and Alquemia Vegetal – Como hacer su Farmacia Casera.

09:30 – 14:30h

May 29

Hall 11 – Congress Centre

Consecutive translation from Portuguese into English