Workshop | Music in Psychedelic Therapy

An exploration of music’s transformative potential in psychedelic therapy and beyond.

Recent years has seen an unprecedented rise in interest and clinical research on psychedelic therapy, an approach that combines psychedelics, music, introspection, and person-centred support.  The combined use of music and psychedelics is ancient and universal, yet with the rise of psychedelic therapy many questions are emerging on the function of music and how to use it within in this context. This workshop will take co-creative approach, combining introspective music listening, a presentation on relevant research , and a group discussion about music’s function in psychedelic therapy.

Participant requirements
Please bring an eye-mask to wear during the listening sessions.

Mendel Kaelen, PhD is a psychedelic researcher,  neuroscientist and founder of Wavepaths. During his academic research at Imperial College London he studied the mechanisms and use of music in psychedelic therapies. Within Wavepaths Mendel leads a growing team of researchers, designers, therapists and technologists to research and develop a new category of accessible psychotherapeutic tools and environments.

10:00 – 12:30
13:00 – 15:30

May 30


Espai Gestalt