Workshop | Integrating Ayahuasca and Sexuality for Wholeness

It is important to know how to work with themes of sensuality and sexuality in psychedelic journeys. Sexual feelings/emotions/thoughts/visions can greatly impact a user’s experience of discovery and healing. There are hundreds of seekers who have sexual experiences in psychedelic journeys and many of these seekers need more comprehensive support for their sexual wellness.

This workshop will provide an introduction to the “Unity Codes” framework for exploring how:

a) psychedelics can enhance one’s understanding of what it means to be a sexual being.
b) to work with the themes of sexual health and sexuality in psychedelic integration sessions
c) wellness providers can reflect and realign their own personal sexual perceptions to strengthen client services.

The workshop will provide discussions on case studies and teach practical exercises for ayahuasca integration sessions,  including:

1. How to receive and perceive sexual messages in ayahuasca journeys
2. Forgiveness practices for letting go and reclaiming stuck energy
3. Opening the heart through activating the feminine/masculine pole
4. Unlocking cellular memory to heal sexual wounding
5. What is kundalini energy and how to balance this energy when activated in ayahuasca journeys
6. Cultivating the practitioners’ intuitive wisdom

Participant requirements
The exercises in this workshop involve self-regulated and respectful (non-sexual) clothes-on contact.
Participants have the freedom to choose what feels comfortable for them in the exercises and know that these boundaries will be respected. All participants will be asked to agree to a set of guidelines and confidentiality to keep the container safe and vibrant.

Yalila Espinoza trains psychedelic seekers and practitioners looking to enhance their skills in integrating entheogenic experiences. Her intimacy coaching, group facilitation, and IRIS education uses Unity Codes, a process comprised of energetic realignments, solution-focused coaching, and practical exercises. She received a PhD in East West Psychology and Spiritual Counselling training from CIIS in San Francisco and is a registered Social Worker. Espinoza’s article, ‘Sexual Healing With Amazonian Plant Teachers’, was published in the Sexual & Relationship Therapy Journal in 2014 and she has presented on this topic at conferences, such as MAPS Psychedelic Science, Horizons, and Women’s Visionary Congress.

10-16:45pm (with a 30 min break at 13.00pm)

May 30